Residential Compost Collection - Weekly

How It Works

1. Select your preferred compost pick-up plan Below.

2. Fill out a sign-up form and submit your information.

3. Castle Rock Composting will respond promptly to handle payment, and schedule a time to deliver your new composting container!


4. Collect compost throughout the week in the provided container. For best results we recommend lining them with newspaper, brown paper bags, or compostable bags.

5. Place containers near front porch or curbside for pick up.

     - Containers can be placed in a discrete location if needed for HOA regulations.

     - Containers can be placed near your doorstep if needed for apartment complexes or town homes.

     *Make sure to place the bucket in a consistent location each week

Collection Day: Currently collecting all locations every Wednesday 9am-5pm

*One time Start-Up Fee of $15 for all new accounts. This helps us cover the costs of our containers & labels. We really appreciate your help!


Compost Collection Plans

Choose Your Container Size

1 Gallon/Week


1gallon-product1 (1).jpg

3 Gallons/Week


3gallon-product1 (2).jpg

5 Gallons/Week


5gallon-product1 (2).jpg

Larger Quantities Available Upon Request

Feel free to reach out for a custom quote to meet your demands!