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Bi-Weekly & Weekly Compost Collection

How It Works

1. Select your preferred compost pick-up plan Below.

2. Fill out a Sign-Up Form and submit your information.

3. Castle Rock Composting will respond promptly to handle payment, and schedule a time to deliver your new composting container!


4. Collect compost throughout the week in the provided container. For best results we recommend lining them with newspaper, brown paper bags, or compostable bags.

5. Place containers near front porch or curbside for pick up.


Collection Time: On your scheduled pick up day please allow from 9am - 6pm for bucket collection.

*One time Start-Up Fee of $20 for all new accounts. This helps us cover the costs of our containers & labels. We really appreciate your help!

Member Benefits

  • FREE Soil Shares Every Spring

  • FREE Yard Waste Drop Every Saturday April - Nov in Castle Rock (Click Here for Details)

  • FREE Pumpkin Collection Every Fall

  • FREE Compostable liner bag for your bucket each week of pick up. (Coming soon)

  • ​15% Discount on sustainable products from Plastic Detox. Click HERE for details.

  • Feel Great about helping us:

Keep Colorado Beautiful!

How It Works: Services


Our members can look forward to receiving a free share of Compost Soil every spring. Quality compost makes a great nutrient additive for your garden, lawn, trees & shrubs!

Compost Plan Add-Ons

Compostable Bags For Your Bucket

- Free delivery when we collect your compost

- No unnecessary packaging

- Prices as good as Amazon

- Help support Local 

5 Bags (delivered once per month) = $3/month

Roll of 25 Bags (one time delivery) = $10

Yard Waste Collection

Let us compost your yard waste! In addition to emptying your compost bucket each week we can also take plant trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, and other waste from your yard.

*All yard waste needs to be in 30 Gallon brown paper bags for us to accept it. Please make sure bags are not overfilled or in excess of 30 lbs each.

1 Yard Waste Bag (per week) = $9/month

2 Yard Waste Bags (per week) = $15/month

Compost Collection Plans

Choose Your Container Size

3 Gallons/Bi-Weekly
(every other week)


*Services now as low as $22/month. See Details 

3gallon-product1 (2).jpg

3 Gallons/Weekly


*Services now as low as $27/month. See Details 

3gallon-product1 (2).jpg

5 Gallons/Weekly


*Services now as low as $32/month. See Details 

5gallon-product1 (2).jpg

Larger Quantities Available

Feel free to reach out for a custom quote to meet your demands!

How It Works: Products
Compost-Banner image1.jpeg
Membership Density Pricing Discounts!

When nearby neighbors join our composting community we can collect compostables more quickly and efficiently. Then, we pass those savings along to our members!

Residents are now eligible for discounted services based on the number of members signed up in close proximity to one another. Feel free to contact us to see if your area is eligible for discounted services.

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