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Compost Drop Off Service

South Castle Rock Drop Off

Address: 701 Prarie Hawk Drive



How It Works:

  • After signing up, new members will be given lock codes to pick up their new compost bucket at this location.​ 

  • Members may dump their bucket into this bin up to once per week. Members keep the same bucket each week. We recommend using compostable bags or lightly rinsing buckets periodically.


  • Members MUST lock the bin after dumping each time.

  • This site is open to dump 7am-7pm every day except Saturdays. (This site is closed Saturday from 9am-1pm for recycling)

*One time Start Up Fee of $20 for all new accounts. This helps us pay for buckets and labels. We really appreciate your support!


  • FREE SOIL available for pick up every spring.

  • Members using this location may also pick up a roll of 5 compostable bags to help keep your bucket clean. These bags are included in the cost of service

  • Feel great about helping us keep food waste out of local landfills!

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